Make A Photography Backdrop Fun With These Three Tips

The popular image of a professional photographer is of someone who takes portrait pictures against a purely white background. For the very top of their profession, this is all they need, but it is more common in a photography business to find customers who want dynamic backgrounds. These can be of the national flag, or simply of different colors, but the professional photographer will also be able to provide other options. Amateur photographers and those studying the subject at college, will also want to use more than just a plain white background. Rather than going for traditional colors or images such as flags, it is a good idea to shake things up a little by using fun and dynamic photography backdrop sets to give your subjects a more interesting picture. There are several ways in which you can improve the appearance of your backgrounds. 

1) Get Relevant
Use striking images which will be popular with your clients. There will always be themes which people find interesting, such as fairy-castle, racing cars, and holiday themes. It is not difficult to purchase posters and other accessories which will fit into the theme, and printed backgrounds can be purchased which will suit your clients. For example, as the Twilight series is as popular as ever, a spooky theme, with large full moons, and mists, will ple
ase clients who want to theme their picture around the popular book and film series. Of course, this type of background also doubles as a 'rock and roll' theme, so it is a good purchase for those on a budget. Bricks or walls as backgrounds are also very popular, although sometimes your subjects will have their own ideas about what they want. Some clients have even joined in with the fun and dressed up as a comedy villain and heroine, and had a backdrop of a train appearing about to run them down. These types of backdrops can bring out the fun side of clients, and really help you to capture a good portrait of them.

 2) Go Wild
Another popular theme with people and one which can be turned into an exciting and fun picture is nature image. The seaside is particularly popular, and the photographer can enhance the image by adding buckets and spades. This backdrop is ideal for children, but young couples might prefer a more 'windswept' theme. Nature can also be charming, so doing a portrait picture of a family with their pets might be enhanced by using a 'nature' picture behind them, full of animals. For those with an eye on the budget, self-printed images of animal prints can be a good alternative, or a large print tablecloth with animal images on can be a cheaper alternative to buying printed backdrops.

 3) Do It Yourself
Of course, not all professional photographers have the budget to splash out on a variety of different backdrops, and this is where the principle of DIY can be a good way to make a fun background without splashing the cash. The best type of DIY photography backdrop is one made from torn sheets of colored paper, or ribbons, strung up in the studio using an old curtain rail. These can look particularly effective if you adopt a color scheme, such as green or blue strips. Ribbons help to give a classier look to the images, as they have neat edges, and look smooth and professional. Another option for these backdrops is to use wallpaper or print stamps to create fun and original backgrounds. See TheLAShop for great photography ideas.