Wedding Photography in Rome and Italy Simeone Ricci

Weddings in ItalySimeone is with Cinzia the professional photographer for Regency for Rome area, its surroundings and Lazio. 

He began his career in the early 80's as a travel and portraiture photographer in New York, working for magazines like Fortune and Forbes as well many travel magazine and international commercial clients. 

His work took him in many countries and continents and made him comfortable with many culture, people and languages from all over the world. 

In the past years since he has relocated to Rome he started doing weddings with a very particular stile but is still working in commercial and editorial photography. 

A good photographer should not purely see things but instead he should be able to observe them. 

Simeone has another way of seeing and telling stories. He will able to catch the decisive moment that express at his best your magical moments in the eternal city. Its emotions, meanings, feelings, sensations. 

With the invention of photography, we acquired a new means of expression more closely associated with memory than any other. 

Simeone will create your memories in Rome area. His photographs will move you.