Weddings in Italy Positano
Five years ago I came to Positano on vacation and was captivated…with the town, the people, the sea. A seed was planted in my heart that year...that one day I would return and make this my home. It was a dream that came to be with my best friend, my partner, and later, the man who became my husband. Years went by and the thought was always there…Positano….ah Positano. We missed you. 2010 was the year dreams were to become a reality. Everything seemed to fall into place. Our apartment lease was coming to an end. All those years of saving were paying off. We were realizing, finally, that work comes second to Living. Questions did arise….Can we do this? Should we do this? Are we crazy to just pick up and move from a good life in New York? But we did not want to look back and think, “why didn’t we?” We had each other, a dream, and we were going to make it work. So we made a plan. Find an apartment in Positano, pack up our things in NY and put them in storage, book a flight and go. Oh yeah, we also decided to get married while we were here. May 4, 2011, we flew out and it was the best move we ever made. I had a bit more of a mastery of the language than my husband did back then (now it is a different story). It was ok though. We would learn. We would adapt. We had to. It has been the best experience we could have asked for. Although we were nervous, having no friends here, no true command of the language, we decided that together we could make this happen. Looking back, it has been about 2 years since we made the decision to come here, and we live with no regrets. We did get married end of that summer, September 2010, on a terrace overlooking Positano with our family and friends by our side. Although our families were sad when we left New York, seeing Positano for themselves made them realize why we choose to come back here. Positano captivated them as it did us. They realized what had called us back. Since our first day here we have met wonderful people and made great friends. I could not have asked for a better experience. Every day is a gift here. Even the Positano winter— some people here say it is too calm and quiet— but it feels wonderful to wake up and gaze at the sea, look up at the looming, now snow-capped mountains and know you are home. Positano is not only my physical home but where my heart lives. It is where my dreams came true. DEBORAH