how to organise an outdoor wedding in italy

Wedding in ItalyWedding in Italy tips: Outdoor WeddingWedding in Italy and bad weather

outdoor wedding in italy
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There is only one thing that you cannot control on your wedding day, and that's the weather!

Here a few tips on how to plan an outdoor wedding in ItalyWedding in Italy taking into consideration the bad weather:

• Don’t just opt for the best! Choose an outdoor ceremony venue that offers a bad weather option like a shelter, or a garden gazebo.
• If there is no shelter in the vicinity, consider hiring a gazebo.
• Ask your reception to reserve an area in case the ceremony cannot be held outdoor (make sure that it will accommodate your guests and suitable for a ceremony). This should be your ‘last’ option’, as receptions don’t really have much space to accommodate ceremonies .
• For outdoor weddingsWedding in Italy, adding on your wedding invitationsWedding in Italy your chosen ‘wet/bad weather’ option address will guarantee that all guests know where to go if it rains.

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