Wedding music party with Italian music entertainer Lillo Strillo

Lillo Strillo is an Italian music entertainer who can fluently speak in:

As musician, he plays piano and rhythm guitar, he sings and dance. His repertoire is international and at 360° because it starts from jazz to pop, from bossa nova to funk, from rock to classic.

As DJ, 
he likes to make people dance with every kind of music, from disco to tarantella :-) he also use to play "line dance" who are really appreciated in Italy.

As entertainer, he is able to cheer the party through an elegant but also ironic and unusual way to sing and talk with the audience. 

He plays music all around the Italy with different kind of music solutions:
DUET: male and female voices, pianist/dj
TRIO: (duet + sax)
QUARTET: (trio + an additional music instrument as electric guitar, violin, percussionist, trumpeter...)

Although THE MUSIC is his job since 1990, he's not a "MUSIC SELLER" because he thinks that his service is not just something to buy but is an IDEA TO SHARE, a real artistic project that will became the soundtrack of your wedding party, between Music and Joy.

For him, the bride and groom are NOT just 2 numbers because me too, he's NOT just a guy who makes music... but much more then this.

You may find lot of audio/video demos about him on the internet, just searching for "Lillo Strillo" of visiting his website:
His webpages will communicate you the passion that he feel while doing his work. 

If you want to meet him:
you can see each other by SKYPE (search for "lillostrillo"
you can organize a real meeting "half way" maybe near an airport here in Italy or where you prefer
-you can organize a music evening where you want: he will do the rest

If you like his stuff, he will be honored to be contacted by you by mail, by facebook, by skype or by phone: +39.328.7794777

Lillo Strillo
Phone: +39.328.7794777
Skype: lillostrillo
facebook: lillo strillo