wedding music for your Italy wedding: MUSA female string quartet

weddings in italy musicMUSA female string quartet, the 

best choice for your elegant 

and chic wedding!

The musicians, gradueted at italian 

conservatories of music, 

are professionist both in concert 

practice and musical 

entertainment, for wedding ceremonies and social events in 

Piemonte, Lombardia and Liguria.

They can also vaunt a vast repertoire including classic and 

contemporary music.



Italian Wedding Filmaker Luigi De Gregorio

A wedding is a day so full of moments that should be captured and relived with future generations.

Corrado + Roberta, 29 luglio 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.

My passion for film leads me to documenting an event so special like a real movie, telling a story, your story, preserving the emotions forever.
Go beyond the usual "home movie" to try to tell, in a realistic way, your day, capturing the deepest feelings.
This is my cinematic wedding video.

Enrico + Valeria, 12 settembre 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.
Before being videographer, I have had experiences in the world of cinema and television, and this background enhances my work.

Matt + Karen, 13 ottobre 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.


wedding in italy resources and advices

wedding in italy
The destination wedding is a recent trend in which a bride and groom, along with close family and friends, travel to a wonderful location to exchange their vows, often staying on for their honeymoon. 

A destination wedding is the perfect choice for a bride and groom who want to make their big day a memorable experience. 

wedding in italyOnce you've selected your destination, may want to enlist the help of professionals to help in the planning of destination wedding in italy
Imagine the attractiveness of arranging your ceremony as you would do it at home, but exchanging the setting with a wedding in Tuscany with the smell of the grapes's harvests in early October, 
or the sunset of an Italian Riviera wedding on the splendid coast. 
wedding in italy

Imagine to be able to marry in historical settings of incredible cultural importance or luxurious villas or castles in Europe that have been home of important artists and nobles. 
wedding in italyA wedding is a complex event to orchestrate. Organizing a wedding can be both enjoyable and stressful; don't allow the details to overshadow the joy of the event. Through an italian wedding planner, the wedding of your dreams can be realized. He/She can arrange your dream ceremony in one of hundreds of locations, from beautiful white sandy beaches, enchanting castles, scenic mountain peaks or quaint chapels

A wedding is such an important event in life, a moment that joins and a party to remember, so wherever you decide to do it, the most important thing is that bravely you say "Yes, I do"!! 

But first... you'll need to do a bit of planning.
Start with the useful resources and tips shared at this page:
The resources for lovers of weddings abroad, our destination weddings

wedding in italy

Wedding Photography in Rome and Italy Simeone Ricci

Weddings in ItalySimeone is with Cinzia the professional photographer for Regency for Rome area, its surroundings and Lazio. 

He began his career in the early 80's as a travel and portraiture photographer in New York, working for magazines like Fortune and Forbes as well many travel magazine and international commercial clients. 

His work took him in many countries and continents and made him comfortable with many culture, people and languages from all over the world. 

In the past years since he has relocated to Rome he started doing weddings with a very particular stile but is still working in commercial and editorial photography. 

A good photographer should not purely see things but instead he should be able to observe them. 

Simeone has another way of seeing and telling stories. He will able to catch the decisive moment that express at his best your magical moments in the eternal city. Its emotions, meanings, feelings, sensations. 

With the invention of photography, we acquired a new means of expression more closely associated with memory than any other. 

Simeone will create your memories in Rome area. His photographs will move you.


Wedding music party with Italian music entertainer Lillo Strillo

Lillo Strillo is an Italian music entertainer who can fluently speak in:

As musician, he plays piano and rhythm guitar, he sings and dance. His repertoire is international and at 360° because it starts from jazz to pop, from bossa nova to funk, from rock to classic.

As DJ, 
he likes to make people dance with every kind of music, from disco to tarantella :-) he also use to play "line dance" who are really appreciated in Italy.

As entertainer, he is able to cheer the party through an elegant but also ironic and unusual way to sing and talk with the audience. 

He plays music all around the Italy with different kind of music solutions:
DUET: male and female voices, pianist/dj
TRIO: (duet + sax)
QUARTET: (trio + an additional music instrument as electric guitar, violin, percussionist, trumpeter...)

Although THE MUSIC is his job since 1990, he's not a "MUSIC SELLER" because he thinks that his service is not just something to buy but is an IDEA TO SHARE, a real artistic project that will became the soundtrack of your wedding party, between Music and Joy.

For him, the bride and groom are NOT just 2 numbers because me too, he's NOT just a guy who makes music... but much more then this.

You may find lot of audio/video demos about him on the internet, just searching for "Lillo Strillo" of visiting his website:
His webpages will communicate you the passion that he feel while doing his work. 

If you want to meet him:
you can see each other by SKYPE (search for "lillostrillo"
you can organize a real meeting "half way" maybe near an airport here in Italy or where you prefer
-you can organize a music evening where you want: he will do the rest

If you like his stuff, he will be honored to be contacted by you by mail, by facebook, by skype or by phone: +39.328.7794777

Lillo Strillo
Phone: +39.328.7794777
Skype: lillostrillo
facebook: lillo strillo

Italian wedding photography: Italian Weddings Captured in Contemporary Art style: Antonio Sanzari Photography

La Bella Italia
From the Northern parts of Rome, to the foothills of Florence, from the coast of Portofino to the coast of Ancona, I have enjoyed capturing the beauty of Italy as a destination Wedding Location in recent years.

Weddings in Italy
Vespa Wedding in Italy. Courtesy of photographer Antonio Sanzari
His family comes from Naples and with locations such as Castello di Bracciano (Castle Bracciano), La Villa Durazzo, Villa Grazioli and Villa Mangiacane, Italy offers so many destinations that will wow the guests and take you both to a timeless place to exchange those vows and start that new life together.

His style of photography is to offer a non intrusive commissioned art of your day.

From the initial preparation to the final albums I provide a premier service to brides in the UK who consider photography and capturing the beauty of their day as a key set of memories to treasure forever.

His Destination packages start at £1,500 for a full day coverage which typically includes a lifestyle shoot in the UK or Italy ahead of the Wedding.

Please feel free to contact Antonio  he is passionate about what he do, your Wedding Day is the most important thing to him.

Antonio Sanzari Photography Epsom, Surrey
Tel : +44 (0)1372 819 998 Mobile : +44 (0)7843 439247 or email

Professional singer for your wedding in Italy: Francesca Gramegna

Weddings in Italy
Francesca Gramegna is a professional singer from Italy who can provide professional live entertainment in total autonomy for luxury events as solo singer, with accompaniment (pianist, guitarist, saxophonist, trumpeter, percussionist) or full ensembles. 
Her equipment is basic and consists of a computer, a mixer, microphone and two loudspeakers. She is available for transfers everywhere in Italy. She has more than 1000 songs in her repertoire, mainly smooth jazz, bossa nova/samba, chill-out and international pop. She is able to sing in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese with no accent. 
Some live performances of hers are available on and live videos are available on
The bands she's currently working with are:
BRAZIL BEAT - A Latin Jazz Enseble performing the most charming brazilian standards (boss nova, samba & chill-out written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Stan Getz, Roberto Menescal, Vinicius de Moares, Gilberto Gil, Baden Powell, Marcos Valle) for an elegant yet entertaining music background. All four musicians (vocals, piano, guitar and drums) have a wide experience of live performance and jazz techniques. Some tracks are available on streaming on:
TUTTI FRUTTI - A Disco-Pop band of 6 people (male and female vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums) playing the most important traditional italian songs (ballads and easy listening), international pop hits and disco-dance revival music to make everybody comfortable during the meals and dancing with real live music throughout the wedding (there is no karaoke music/sequencer addition).

Info & Booking:

skype: francesca_gramegna

Green destination wedding in Italy: Apple Tree


Have you ever dreamed of getting married in Italy like a Hollywood celebrity? To get married here in the Beautiful Country could be less complicated than in your own country! Did you think otherwise? 
Apple Tree is here for you! Apple tree is a green wedding planning agency that will follow you step by step to create your dream of love. We will create you project with care: choice of location, dress, the most fitting style for your wedding. Are you more vintage or more rock? More classic or more country chic? 
Together we will choose the best-suited place for you wedding: a striking lake or the coastline dotted with olive trees against the blue sea? A fortified farmhouse in Puglia, or a large isolated country house in Tuscany? Do you dream of your groom arriving on a boat on Lake Como? 
Whatever your dream may be, we will realize it together and the result with be that you and your guests will remember your wedding for many years to come.
Party favors, invitations, arrangements for your event will be created by hand by local artisans. 
No mass-produced items, but unique creations, made from recycled or recyclable materials. No wedding by Apple Tree is like any other because every couple is a world in itself. 
Organic products for your buffet and locally produced wines, what more can a person want? 
And, on top of that, we occupy ourselves with welcoming your guests and you: hotel, entertainment, tours of the area where you have chosen to have your wedding. 
With Apple Tree you will have all the time in the world to relax--almost to the point of boredom!—and you will feel coddled like a celebrity.
Weddings in Italy

Apple Tree
Wedding, party planner &...more!

Live Music Vocalist The Sounds of Sinatra for your wedding in Italy

Weddings in ItalyLive Music Vocalist and Entertainer David Roberts & The Sounds of Sinatra (Frank Sinatra Impersonator) is available now for Weddings, Conventions, Private Parties, and is your singer for any special occasion.
 David Francis Roberts provides the perfect atmosphere for your Wedding in Italy. Let your First Dance be a wonderful song with the best wedding singer and Sinatra Impersonator.
David can also handle all of Master of Ceremony needs for your wedding.
With the smooth jazz sounds of Sinatra and a hint of Michael Buble, you can be sure that your Orlando wedding will be a memorable event! Mr. Roberts is a jazz standards singer in the tradition of the great Frank Sinatra, and performs more than 300 songs!
This exciting vocalist also performs Broadway and pop tunes from many other wonderful vocalists such as Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole, The Beatles, James Taylor and Michael Buble. David Roberts is available for any wedding, convention or special event in Italy. Mr. Roberts can perform at your special event as a solo entertainer (with background tracks and his own powerful sound system) or with a small ensemble or larger band. David Roberts is also singing lots of great new Michael Buble classics like Home, Lost, and Everything.
 He is a jazz wedding singer and the best solution to all your wedding band, tribute artist, swing music, Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra impersonator, or Michael Buble tribute artist needs. Book The Sounds of Sinatra!



Weddings in Italy Positano
Five years ago I came to Positano on vacation and was captivated…with the town, the people, the sea. A seed was planted in my heart that year...that one day I would return and make this my home. It was a dream that came to be with my best friend, my partner, and later, the man who became my husband. Years went by and the thought was always there…Positano….ah Positano. We missed you. 2010 was the year dreams were to become a reality. Everything seemed to fall into place. Our apartment lease was coming to an end. All those years of saving were paying off. We were realizing, finally, that work comes second to Living. Questions did arise….Can we do this? Should we do this? Are we crazy to just pick up and move from a good life in New York? But we did not want to look back and think, “why didn’t we?” We had each other, a dream, and we were going to make it work. So we made a plan. Find an apartment in Positano, pack up our things in NY and put them in storage, book a flight and go. Oh yeah, we also decided to get married while we were here. May 4, 2011, we flew out and it was the best move we ever made. I had a bit more of a mastery of the language than my husband did back then (now it is a different story). It was ok though. We would learn. We would adapt. We had to. It has been the best experience we could have asked for. Although we were nervous, having no friends here, no true command of the language, we decided that together we could make this happen. Looking back, it has been about 2 years since we made the decision to come here, and we live with no regrets. We did get married end of that summer, September 2010, on a terrace overlooking Positano with our family and friends by our side. Although our families were sad when we left New York, seeing Positano for themselves made them realize why we choose to come back here. Positano captivated them as it did us. They realized what had called us back. Since our first day here we have met wonderful people and made great friends. I could not have asked for a better experience. Every day is a gift here. Even the Positano winter— some people here say it is too calm and quiet— but it feels wonderful to wake up and gaze at the sea, look up at the looming, now snow-capped mountains and know you are home. Positano is not only my physical home but where my heart lives. It is where my dreams came true. DEBORAH