wedding music for your Italy wedding: MUSA female string quartet

weddings in italy musicMUSA female string quartet, the 

best choice for your elegant 

and chic wedding!

The musicians, gradueted at italian 

conservatories of music, 

are professionist both in concert 

practice and musical 

entertainment, for wedding ceremonies and social events in 

Piemonte, Lombardia and Liguria.

They can also vaunt a vast repertoire including classic and 

contemporary music.



Italian Wedding Filmaker Luigi De Gregorio

A wedding is a day so full of moments that should be captured and relived with future generations.

Corrado + Roberta, 29 luglio 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.

My passion for film leads me to documenting an event so special like a real movie, telling a story, your story, preserving the emotions forever.
Go beyond the usual "home movie" to try to tell, in a realistic way, your day, capturing the deepest feelings.
This is my cinematic wedding video.

Enrico + Valeria, 12 settembre 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.
Before being videographer, I have had experiences in the world of cinema and television, and this background enhances my work.

Matt + Karen, 13 ottobre 2012 trailer from Luigi De Gregorio on Vimeo.


wedding in italy resources and advices

wedding in italy
The destination wedding is a recent trend in which a bride and groom, along with close family and friends, travel to a wonderful location to exchange their vows, often staying on for their honeymoon. 

A destination wedding is the perfect choice for a bride and groom who want to make their big day a memorable experience. 

wedding in italyOnce you've selected your destination, may want to enlist the help of professionals to help in the planning of destination wedding in italy
Imagine the attractiveness of arranging your ceremony as you would do it at home, but exchanging the setting with a wedding in Tuscany with the smell of the grapes's harvests in early October, 
or the sunset of an Italian Riviera wedding on the splendid coast. 
wedding in italy

Imagine to be able to marry in historical settings of incredible cultural importance or luxurious villas or castles in Europe that have been home of important artists and nobles. 
wedding in italyA wedding is a complex event to orchestrate. Organizing a wedding can be both enjoyable and stressful; don't allow the details to overshadow the joy of the event. Through an italian wedding planner, the wedding of your dreams can be realized. He/She can arrange your dream ceremony in one of hundreds of locations, from beautiful white sandy beaches, enchanting castles, scenic mountain peaks or quaint chapels

A wedding is such an important event in life, a moment that joins and a party to remember, so wherever you decide to do it, the most important thing is that bravely you say "Yes, I do"!! 

But first... you'll need to do a bit of planning.
Start with the useful resources and tips shared at this page:
The resources for lovers of weddings abroad, our destination weddings

wedding in italy